One Sweet Cupcake

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One Sweet Cupcake by Janell Brown

Professional Decorating and Recipes Secrets Made Easy

Winning Cupcake Wars brought a lot of opportunities including writing a cupcake recipe book! The books provide tips and techniques with decorating cupcakes along with the recipes.

From the recipe book Introduction…………. “I did not grow up dreaming to one day own a bakery. I do not have a grandmother who loves to bake and has passed her recipes down to each of her grandchildren, and my first memories are not of my mother baking in the kitchen. I did have an appreciation for delicious baked goods when I was a child — what child doesn’t? — and my favorite dessert was a warm gooey brownie with a cold glass of milk. My discovery of baking was unplanned and came later in life…….”

We never planned to have One Sweet Slice, it wasn’t something we dreamed about. I had a love for decorating cakes and Trent, my husband, had a passion for marketing. When Trent was laid off from his ‘corporate’ job, we had to make decisions. With three kids and our daughter due 6 weeks later, we had to act. One Sweet Slice was born by combining our talents. It has definitely been a ride…from winning Cupcake Wars to opening a second location, writing a cupcake recipe book and now a second recipe book.

My hope is this book will inspire you to not only bake delicious cupcakes but to grow personally to become a better person.


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