One Sweet Cupcake: Professional Decorating and Recipe Secrets Made Easy


One Sweet Year of Cupcakes: Delicious Flavors for Every Season


One Sweet Slice founder, Janell Brown, not only won the Food Network TV Show Cupcake Wars but is also a published author with two best selling cupcake recipe books. Both were designed to proide the everyday baking insights into skills and techniques that professionals use. You will also get over 50 mouth watering cupcake recipes in each book. For more details please visit her baking and cupcake blog.


From the book:  "I did not grow up dreaming to one day own a bakery. I do not have a grandmother who loves to bake and has passed her recipes down to each of her grandchildren, and my first memories are not of my mother baking in the kitchen. I did have an appreciation for delicious baked goods when I was a child -- what child doesn't? --- and my favorite dessert was a warm gooey brownie with a cold glass of milk. My discovery of baking was unplanned and came later in life......."



Here are a few Endorsements for One Sweet Cupcake:


One Sweet Cupcake: Recipe Book by Janell Brown



~ One Sweet Cupcake is more than just a fabulous cookbook from Janell Brown, creator of the award-winning bakery, One Sweet Slice. For people like me, who need easy step-by-step baking instructions, these are wonderful recipes for creating delicious and beautiful cupcakes for any occasion that bring a bit of delightful goodness into your home. - H.B. Moore - Best of State & Whitney Award Winning Author


~ A divine book full of fabulous cupcake and icing recipes that will make your mouth water! I'm heading to the kitchen right now to use some of Janell's succulent recipes and amazing tips and secrets! - Kara Allen, The 'new' Martha Stewart and Author of Kara's Party Ideas


~ Janell is one of the most innovative and most creative designers of magical desserts. One Sweet Slice is my go to spot for my most important celebrity events and parties. - Lisa Barlow - CEO Luxe Marketing/President VIDA Tequila